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Proximic’s 126-word privacy policy: more than complete

August 17, 2009

On the policies page of Proximic’s website, this is all they have to say about privacy:

We respect your privacy!

Proximic does not ask, require, acquire or retain any individual personal information to identify end-users as a prerequisite to use our products and services. Obviously from a technology standpoint individual IP Addresses could be tracked and identify browsing behavior. However, we have committed ourselves to an extensive self-binding Privacy Policy prohibiting us to do so. Proximic does not record the browsing behavior of its end-users or visitors of the sites in the Proximic Publisher Network at all – neither via a browser plug-in, cookie placement or any other tracking method. At no point any kind of individual information about the browsing behavior is stored. Therefore Proximic in no case markets or communicates to a third party any personal data collected. See our Privacy Policy for details.

Although they mention a Privacy Policy that isn’t yet linked, I’m not sure there’s much more that they need to say. Since ¬†they don’t track anybody across sites in their network, the questions of sensitivity, sharing and deletion fall away. This is pretty unique among ad-network polices that we track, and it required creating some new summary templates when adding them to the Network Privacy Profile database.

Although we don’t see proximic much in our site sampling, their bet on success through contextual rather than behavioral factors certainly makes for a clean privacy profile. It will be interesting to see if their business keeps them on this course, particularly with the dominant-competitor Google adding behavioral factors into the mix with AdSense.