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March 1, 2009


For starters, Privacy Choice is going to be mostly about online profiling by advertising and content networks, but quickly I expect it to include oneline providers generally and bricks-and-mortar companies who publish a privacy policy on their website.  

Comcast is sort of a tweener — provision of their service has many offline components, and they offer cable and telephone service.  But they also have online portals and services, some of which are ad supported. 

This quote from their privacy policy wasn’t, in my opinion, very englightening about what kinds of targeting may be going on.  Note the generalized reference to “vendors,” who aren’t identified, but are the ones we should see about the privacy implications of these Comcast services.

Some of our business relationships are with vendors who may use cookies for example, search engines or network advertising providers or in connection with their own advertisers and other business partners. However, we have no access to or control over these cookies. For more information about how these vendors and their business partners use cookies, and how you may be able to “opt-out” of those cookies, read the privacy policy that applies to each vendor’s website. This policy covers the use of cookies by Comcast on the website only; it does not cover the use of cookies by any other party or website unless stated otherwise.

It will be interesting to dive into their privacy polices for so-called offline activities.