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SitePoint » Poll: Will You Opt Out of Google, Yahoo! Ads?

March 12, 2009



SitePoint » Poll: Will You Opt Out of Google, Yahoo! Ads?


Burst Media – Research

March 10, 2009

The study found that a vast majority (80.1%) of web surfers are concerned about the online privacy of their personal information such as age, gender, income and web surfing habits. Concern, prevalent among all age segments, increases with respondent age: rising from 67.3% among respondents 18-24 years to 85.7% with respondents 55 years and older.

Over 60% of respondents are aware of the tracking, collecting and sharing of information that occurs as a result of online activities.

Respondents do not see value in ads targeted to them based on their web surfing behavior – even if it improves their web surfing experience

via Burst Media – Research.