Chompon is an Outlier

October 1, 2010

One of the ways we will know whether the new self-regulatory framework is succeeding is that “outliers” — those who do not comply with the new guidelines — will be shunned. The folks who are playing by the rules won’t be playing with those who don’t.

Key distinction: It is not that there won’t be outliers; there always will be some companies who don’t play by the rules. But what matters is that advertisers, agencies, data companies and websites should view outliers and their data as contaminated so long as  they do not comply with good privacy practices.

I’ll be nominating outliers from time to time as we come across them at PrivacyChoice. First up, Chompon, a company that allows any website to integrate a Groupon-like coupon offerings into their own site experience. Here’s a quote from Chompon’s interview in AdExchanger.

Any thoughts about leveraging the datasets you’re collecting – perhaps re-selling cookie data or offering retargeting of deals through display ad exchanges?

Data privacy is actually extremely important to us. We do not contact the publisher’s users, and the publisher can always download his user data at any point. We do anonymously leverage user data, however, to provide better deal targeting across our network of publisher partners. This allows us to guarantee that the deals users see are relevant and tailored to their personal tastes.

As “extremely important” as data privacy may be to Chompon, you won’t find an opt-out process on Chompon’s site. You won’t even find appropriate privacy or data collection notice in the terms they offer to customers.

Chompon is an outlier.


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