Privacy Innovation: The PrivacyChoice Bookmark

September 10, 2010

The PrivacyChoice mission is to demonstrate technologies that make consumer privacy more understandable and actionable. In that spirit, I’m delighted to announce the launch of the PrivacyChoice Bookmark, which is now the easiest way for consumers to manage their behavioral privacy settings. We’re featuring it on the PrivacyChoice homepage, where you can see a short demonstration video.

Here’s why this is exciting for consumers who care about their privacy:

  • It’s dead-simple to use. Drag a link to your bookmarks bar, click it, choose between two settings and your opt-outs are activated. Your opt-out choices are stored in the bookmark, so your browser remembers them even if you clear cookies. With the “Privacy” entry in your bookmarks bar, you have instant access without navigating back to PrivacyChoice.
  • You can refresh your settings with one click. Just click it after you’ve cleared cookies, and it remembers your prior selections and refreshes them, including any updates or new tracking companies that have been added, or any individual opt-outs you may have placed through PrivacyChoice or our partners.
  • It works across browsers. At launch, the PrivacyChoice Bookmark works on Firefox, Chrome and Safari (and probably other browsers we didn’t test). (As always, Internet Explorer has some quirks; although it works, we determined that the user experience is still a little rough, so we’re cleaning it up before enabling IE.)
  • It works across computers and devices. If you sync your bookmarks with Firefox Sync or Chrome’s syncing tool, your unique PrivacyChoice settings will come right along. As browser makers get better and better at linking the experience on your PC and mobile devices, the PrivacyChoice Bookmark will enable consistent, one-click privacy setting across all computers and devices that you use.

Of course, the PrivacyChoice Bookmark doesn’t provide the same level of durability and ease-of-use as a browser addon that retains opt-out cookies or blocks tracking interactions (both of which we also offer). But for most people who won’t go to the trouble of installing an add-on, our bookmark is an ideal solution.


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