Criteo’s “i”

July 11, 2010

After shopping for sandals on Zappos today, I was retargeted by Criteo on Huffington Post. In terms of consumer disclosure and choice, it was a good experience.

Criteo’s banner used their own version of the “i” (less noticeable perhaps than the IAB’s version):

And the landing page for targeting information was co-branded with Zappos, turning a potential opt-out situation into a sales opportunity. Smartly done:

Retargeting disclosure is pretty straightforward — there’s no broader consumer profile to disclose, and only one data provider is involved. You would expect retargeters to be early adopters of in-ad disclosure, given the potential “creepiness” factor of seeing a banner one one site for the very same product that you searched for on another.

I’m not sure how meaningful it is to offer two opt-out alternatives (one for retargeting on behalf of Zappos only and one for Criteo retargeting generally), since most consumers who opt-out want to opt-out completely. It risks compounding an underlying flaw of the “power i” approach, which is that it gives consumers too many piecemeal choices as opposed to global control. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction.


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