Nice link inside Google Chrome

March 31, 2010

True integration of Flash cookie management would be better of course (since Adobe’s interface is terrible), but every browser company should at least do this.


2 Responses to “Nice link inside Google Chrome”

  1. Mix Says:

    Integration of Flash in Google Chrome is a good way =) (sorry 4 my english)

  2. Sergio Says:

    For some reason I couldn’t get the settings manager to work in this Linux I’m using. Very strange. It would give just a blank space where it should be, both with Iceape (Debian’s Seamonkey) or Firefox. With no special hosts file, Ablock Plus disabled and all cookies enabled. The Flash videos work fine and the LSO’s are there in ~/.macromedia folder.
    I usually block all cookies in the settings manager (everything just works fine all the same) but now at least I found BetterPrivacy FF extension so the cookies can be easily deleted (and has the extra option of easily deleting the visited sites, something that can’t be pre-configured in Flash’s settings manager).

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