Microsoft unveils ad-preferences landing page: a few questions

January 30, 2010

Microsoft Advertising has launched their “Learn About This Ad” page, which is the landing page for users clicking on the new behavioral-advertising icon announced last week.

A few comments:

  • This is largely a collection of links to Microsoft’s privacy policy and opt-out pages, the NAI site, and some videos (Silverlight installation required). There isn’t much new here, since Microsoft still lags Yahoo! and Google in providing transparency about the individual interest information stored about users.
  • There’s no statement of adherence to the Self-Regulatory Principles, which would be required by their terms.
  • The types and use of data are still buried in Microsoft’s privacy policy, a few clicks from the landing page. Will this be considered compliant?
  • There’s no indication if or whether this landing page will list other ad-delivery companies involved in the selection of the ad, which is, of course, the hard part.

One Response to “Microsoft unveils ad-preferences landing page: a few questions”

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