It’s a good time to clean house (and get a retention policy)

December 1, 2009

Update: On 12/17 Audience Science adopted a 2-year retention policy. The housecleaning continues …

Update: 24/7 Real Media, the WPP subsidiary, now also has a retention policy we first logged on 12/09. They’ve chosen 13 months across the board.

We’ve seen a number of upgrades to ad network privacy policies in the last couple of weeks, which may indicate that networks are starting to clean up missing and non-typical provisions in their privacy policies. The timing is good, since the FTC Roundtables on privacy that commence next week will no doubt raise attention around ad-network privacy policies.

One notable recent policy improvement comes from x+1, which added a retention policy, stating that log file information is only kept available for 90 days from the date of collection. Accordingly, I’ve removed them from the list of NAI members lacking a specific retention policy, leaving only three four NAI members left without published data retention policies: Audience Science, Microsoft, and SpecificMEDIA and 24/7 Real Media.

As part of the PrivacyChoice submission to the FTC Roundtables on privacy, we will be providing a set of overall statistics on privacy policy provisions and practices, based a snapshot from our database later this week.

PS Apologies to regular readers for the silence on this blog in the last month. While it hasn’t been a great month for writing, it has been a terrific month of meetings with industry and thought leaders, and a ton of product design and development, which we will be unveiling very soon. Stay tuned!


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