What a difference a word makes

October 7, 2009

Here’s a subtle but meaningful change to the privacy policy for XGraph:

Non-PII (anonymous, non-personal information) may be shared with certain parties for the following purposes: (1) to Partners websites in order to help them target relevant advertisements and content and to better understand their online audiences and customers …

Meaningful because now the information may be commercially shared not only with the sites where it is collected, but also any other third parties in the advertising chain.

In the something’s-better-than-nothing department, they also added an explanation of their retention policy:

We retain collected raw data (e.g. anonymous web logs) for up to six months, after which time this data is discarded. Collected data may be anonymously aggregated or correlated and retained in that form for up to three years.

I have no clue what it means for information to be “anonymously correlated.” Just tell me, for how long does any behavioral action remain associated with my XGraph cookie or IP address?

By the way, XGraph is the ultimate minimalist network. Their website consists solely of a contact email, a privacy policy and an opt-out link. Talk about agile!


One Response to “What a difference a word makes”

  1. charliecrystle Says:

    Hi–what if we don’t collect the ip address? I’m collecting data in my stealth startup, and privacy is a huge concern for me and I assume my customers/users. Would love to talk with you about it, but for now I’ll dig into the blog…

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