Progress at Lotame

April 30, 2009

I can report that the folks at Lotame have been quite responsive to the the questions raised in prior posts.  Here’s the update:

First, on the deletion from their privacy policy of the promise not to use “sensitive information” for behavioral targeting, Lotame has confirmed that they do indeed consider themselves bound by the NAI rule.  They will not use such information without “opt-in” consent from the consumer.

Where we still disagree is on whether they should retain the express promise in their privacy statement. Lotame and the NAI are comfortable not including the statement, since a user can find it on the NAI site.  My take is that if that’s the policy, why not say it, since it reassures consumers and establishes a stronger record of the policy? What’s the downside?

How’s this for a compromise — Charles Curran at the NAI should create a single page in human readable form (plain english) that includes the binding NAI rules, and all the NAI members can directly link to it. 

PS I’m not talking about this page, I’m talking about a page that actually summarizes the rules in this document (PDF).  It can’t hurt to have that available for members of Congress and would-be regulators, so they can really see a commitment to consumer understanding and choice. I’ll even volunteer to write the summary!

Second, Lotame has added very useful content to their opt-out process, including links to other opt-out resources (including the privacychoice opt-out wizard).  Highly commendable and, in a competitive sense, smart — if a consumer is opting out of your ad network, why not let them opt out of competing networks as well?

UPDATE:  I just noticed that Lotame also added a very helpful and prominent opt-out button on the top page of their website. They’re setting a terrific example and I hope and expect to see more networks follow them and Media-Six-Degrees.


3 Responses to “Progress at Lotame”

  1. Justin Says:

    Is this the kind of summary you have in mind for NAI’s Code? Helpful to make this more visible on the site if so. . .

    • privacychoice team Says:

      Yes, that’s very helpful. Do you mind if I cut and paste the image into our FAQ?

  2. Justin Says:


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