Media6° shows the way

April 28, 2009

After noting that Media6° closed a big financing round, I checked in on their site and was pleased to see something I hadn’t noticed before:  

media6optoutA prominent and clear opt-out function on their homepage, allowing consumers easily to opt out of targeting.  No doublespeak about how this will degrade the service, no hiding it inside the privacy policy two pages down, no oobscure referral to an NAI page.  

Of course, this is by no means perfect — to really be usable at the consumer level, opt-outs must be aggregated as in our wizard and made permanent through a browser add-on to really be effective (we will help with these).  But the Media6 implementation is a reminder of just how easy it is to present an opt-out that truly shows a commitment to privacy choice for consumers.

If you are someone responsible for privacy at an ad network and you’re not taking these simple kinds of steps, you deserve all the regulation that will soon be coming your way!


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