Still waiting for an opt-out from Visible Measures

April 27, 2009

It was a week ago that we highlighted the absolutely perplexing opt-out process offered by Visible Measures, a video ad analytics and targeting firm that monitors behavior for sites like MySpace and MTV.

Their opt out process consists of an mailto: link on this page, which at first resulted in a bounce, but seems to go through without a bounce.


But what’s going to happen once the email arrives at Visible Measures is still a mystery.  I sent my request on April 20, but have yet to receive any reply or acknowledgment.  I hope I don’t have 83 more days to wait.

Will they send me an opt-out cookie to copy to my browsers?

Will they send me a link to a page where I can get an opt-out cookie?  

Their policy states that they use standard cookies and flash-cookies; will they provide a means to opt out from both kinds of tracking?


3 Responses to “Still waiting for an opt-out from Visible Measures”

  1. Matt Cutler Says:

    Hi again: Matt from Visible Measures here.

    1. Apologies about your experience on this.
    2. We’re triple checking but haven’t received any opt-out requests from you (email or otherwise). If fact, I don’t even know your name. 😦 If at all possible, please contact us again and cc: me (you should have my email address in my user registration).
    3. Our intent is to walk you through our opt-out process so you can judge things for yourself.
    4. Your points about the ease of the opt-out process are well-taken and we are taking steps to remedy this immediately. No excuses as to why this is the case. We’ll correct things and only request that you re-evaluate our process once the updates are in place.

    Honestly, thanks for raising these issues.

    Matt Cutler
    Vice President, Marketing & Analytics
    Visible Measures Corp.

    • privacychoice team Says:

      Matt, thanks for your response to this post and interest in providing the opt-out functionality for consumers.

      I have resent the opt-out request that was previously sent on 4/20.

      I’m sorry I don’t have your email and have not been able to find it through your WordPress registration. But please check your email again.

      Can you please explain how the email opt-out process works in a reply here (in the interest of transparency)?

      • privacychoice team Says:

        Closing out this thread: The folks at Visible Measures have made the connection and we’re standing by for some news …

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