“Research for PR” (and it shows)

April 4, 2009

No doubt, you will find a wide variety of feeling among consumers about BT, since people have widely different sensitivities and levels of understanding about  what’s involved with profiling.

So I was interested to read about a new study that showed some BT-favorable trends, but I felt less and less impressed as I dug in:  

A survey that polled 1,000 consumers found that 45% are open to marketers using this technique to send them more relevant offers, provided they have the ability to opt out.

Some 35% said behavioural targeting helped them discover new products, 34% said it could save time and 29% said it makes online shopping easier, the Dynamic Markets survey found.

via Privacy groups oppose advert targeting | 2 Apr 2009 | ComputerWeekly.com.

Unfortunately, they didn’t mention the percentage who aren’t “open to” BT (or if/how they measured the strength of that feeling).  And while they mention later that the study was commissioned by Coremetrics, they should have mentioned that Coremetrics uses cookie-based tracking for their own service and also makes it’s business in marketing analytics for merchants and marketers who are using BT.

It gets worse — there’s no link to the study itself (and there wasn’t one easily findable at the Coremetrics site), but they mention a firm called Dynamic Markets, which, if it is the same as this Dynamic Markets, doesn’t blow you away with their website.  

capture2But I did like this navigation button on their site, which sort of summed it up well. 

Why do firms invest in this kind of PR — does it really pay off?  Why do writers like Warwick Ashford and publications like Computer Weekly pass it through to us without any real qualification?


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