First day results (and the road ahead)

March 17, 2009

Yesterday, Monday March 16, was the first real day of any promotion of the opt-out wizard, and here are the results:

Last time I checked, over 325,000 opt outs served.  We don’t keep detailed user analytics, but by my estimate, that’s something like 7,000 interactions for the opt-out button.  Over 50 people have subscribed for email updates, and more than 60 people are following privacychoice on Twitter.  

All this without any mainstream news coverage — just from commenting on blogs, users recommending to users, and a few links on some high-traffic blogs.  It seems clear enough that consumers want a choice when it comes to online profiling, and that the opt-out wizard is a significant — though flawed — first step.

A great debut, but there’s much more work to be done.  Here are my priorities:

1.  We’re moving everything over to, which is the long-term URL and name for the project.

2.  Later today we will push a minor upgrade to the site, mostly improving the words, and eliminating ShareThis (which made some users uncomfortable due to third-party cookies).

3.  Browser plug-ins are in process, after a deep think on the approach (will post on that later today).  I don’t expect to see nearly the same uptake as the one-click button, but it should be appealing to more experienced users.

4.  We have a plan for some quick improvements in how the wizard operates, to make it much faster and also to skip sites that don’t respond in a timely way (so browsers don’t hang there).

Thanks to everyone for a great first day.  Don’t forget to tell a friend, and to send us your comments and suggestions!


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