Learn More : Enabling delayed cookies for embedded videos – YouTube Help

March 3, 2009


According to CNET, this was YouTube’s response to the dust-up about the White House embedding YouTube videos on the whitehouse.gov site.  Ultimately the Administration moved to Akamai, but is there anything relevant here for our project?

I would say, no, insofar as you, the user, clearly understand (through YouTube branding in the player before you press play) that you are transacting and providing information to YouTube about your behavior.

This simplifies the task for Privacy Choice.  If the user wants to know about YouTube’s policies, click on through to their site and bookmark-over to privacychoice.net for their Privacy Choice Profile.  But otherwise PC doesn’t need to show branded embedding items visible to users.



You can enable delayed cookies on videos embedded on another site’s page.



Enabling delayed cookies means that the YouTube video player will not set any non-session cookies on the computer of a visitor (viewing the page on which the YouTube video is embedded). The YouTube video player may set non-session cookies on the visitor’s computer once the visitor clicks on the YouTube video player.



Enabling delayed cookies



If you’d like to enable delayed cookies for a video you’re about to embed on another site, simply…



via Learn More : Enabling delayed cookies for embedded videos – YouTube Help.


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